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Basin PromService Kazakhstan wins first competitive tender award from major international oil company

Basin PromServices LLC (, a subsidiary of Basin Supply and provider of supply chain management (SCM) services in the Russia/CIS area, is pleased to announce a first competitive tender award from a major international oil company in Kazakhstan.  Basin PromService opened its sales office in Atyrau, Kazakhstan at the end of last year to provide SCM services to both international and domestic oil and gas and oilfield contractors operating in the area.

“After developing contractual relationships with most of the large international oil and gas and oilfield contractors operating in Russia over the last four years, it was only natural for Basin PromService to enter the adjacent Kazakhstan market,” said Fred Mutalibov, General Manager of Basin PromService.  "Also, with customs barriers lifted between the two countries in line with the recently concluded Customs Union Agreement, Basin PromService is proud to be able to utilize its extensive manufacturing base in Russia to supply high-quality oilfield materials and exceptional service to customers in Kazakhstan.

About Basin PromService:
Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Basin PromService is a leading, full-service supply chain management operator for the Russia/CIS oil and gas industry.  Currently, the company conducts its business through six sales offices and two warehouse stores in Russia and one sales office in Kazakhstan.